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I heard about a place they say “Heaven”
just a place for you and me.
A special place for only we two
We have a special bond that no other can see.

We are the perfect epitome of togetherness
It’s tightly wrapped in a cocoon.
We are fiercely together in this magical place
Which proved out to be a boon.

You are pathetic, I can see
I am weird, you can feel.
Still the indifference are not in count
we will be together forever, i can confidently shout.

I know we have a disparate  bond,
free from official formalities that I see.
Sorry, thank you are just the words of burden,
onus from which we wants to be free.

You are my shining star
I take pride in you.
You won my heart
For that I feel obliged to you.

You brought me laughter
When i only felt pain.
You showed me a path
When everything was in vain.

I got you as a strangers  made you a friend
Now i feel You are a true GodSend
Talking, chatting the whole day and those silly Fight.
Brought us closer and kept us tight.

it was a time ,I looked back
For a while i took few steps back
You supported me and removed my MindDust
Dear you are the Who have Stolen my “trust”

Lets go For a walk
Lets make The World Silent and Talk

Happy Valentines Day

Rashmi Chaudhary
All Rights Reserved

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