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The Shoe [Short Story]

Today is 26 july…..Manu woke up early in the morning,everyone in the family was Happy as it was Manu’s bday Today. Manu’s parents gifted him a brand new sport shoe, Manu started running with his new pair of shoe in the hall,he was very happy bcoz he waited for this shoe so long. While Manu’s mom was asking him to get ready for school someone rang the doorbell. Manu’s mom went to open the door,it was ram who is ringing the bell,ram is elder son of a nearby milk vendor,he use to come daily to give milk. Ram saw manu with his brand new shoe,he was jealous of manu,he also wants similar type of shoe.
With this hope ram went back to his home,he went directly to his mom and told her about the shoe. He asked her mom to buy the similar shoe for him. His mother replied that they can’t afford to buy such costly shoe. Ram was again and again forcing her mom for the shoe,his mother was trying to make him understand suddenly Ram’s father arrived and After hearing the entire story his father scolded him and asked him to go to his school.

Disheartened ram went school but for the entire day sitting in class he was only thinking about the shoe,he was angry at his parents he even cursed god for this situation. He came back from school but he was not talking to anyone,he was so sad. Every morning he will go to give milk,he will see that shoe and he will start cursing his parents,god and his life. He even go playground to see manu playing soccer with that shoe.

One night when everyone slept ram made a plan to steal those shoes,he thought That is the only way he could get those shoes. He planned everything,next day he woke up little bit early and went to manu’s house to give milk.After giving milk, smartly he took those shoes and kept them in his bag. He started running so fast with full of joy and happiness that he finally got those shoes. He was so happy and lost in his thoughts that he didnt notice the PIT on the road side.

Unfortunately he fell in that  PIT , it was not so deep but for his height it was really difficult to come out of that PIT. He was screaming for almost an hour suddenly a young boy of almost his age come to the spot and help ram to come out from the hole.
After coming out from PIT what he saw made him feel guilty he started feeling bad for stolen shoe. He started crying he took those shoes ran away back to the manu’s house and he kept those shoes at its respective place.

Actually,the boy who helped ram didn’t have one leg ,after seeing the humanity and happiness on the face of that boy ram felt very bad that for past couple of days he is cursing everyone for that shoe but what about this boy he cant even wear those shoe even though he is happy and he is helping others. He realised his mistake and return the shoe. He went back to his home and ask his parents to forgive him.
After this incident ram become a completely different person. Now he is happy with whatever god have given to him,he never make stupid demands to his parents and he even taught this lesson to others so even they can grow as a human being.

If a small poor boy ram can understand why cant we understand that the life is not about complaining for those things u dont have or for those things u cant change. Life is a precious gift of god so stop complaining,always have positive attitude towards life,never give up,do hardwork,make Your own path to success, don’t wait for opportunities,create opportunities and make Your life more valuable.

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