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Why India? Why?

Independent India! Sometimes I use to think about it, is it so India is Independent even after 66 years of independence. You must be thinking why I’m saying so? This is Independent India where still in so many places girls are not safe, they are not independent totally. They are not free to roam at all places. Almost everyday We have At least one News about “RAPE” happening in country. Even the situation is like that we don’t have exact number of figures about rapes in country.

For this India Our freedom fighters fought with Britishers ??? For this India Ghandhiji Dedicated his entire life to nation??? For this India Young Bhagat Singh scarified his life just at the age of 23??? Yes India is Independent, independent in a great way!!!

Damini Case: : The Gang rape of a 23 year old student in a public bus on 16th December 2012. She was with a male friend who was beaten with an iron rod and the Same Rod was used to penetrate in her body……..

In may2014 :  previous month, two girls aged 14 and 16 were raped in northern state of UP. The girls were then hanged from a tree.
How many cases should I write, there are so many. You will not believe but latest estimate suggest that a new case of rape is reported every 22 min in our Independent India….

But the question is what we are doing ? NOTHING ,NOTHING and NOTHING.

I recently asked a girl about her views on rape her reply made me more sad , she said “its Normal Prashant, asa toh daily hota hai, tu jada mat soch kuch aur baat kar” what to say…………………………

If you will ask a boy/men, the reason behind rape they will add a point “Girls Wear such type of Modern dress that make men Uncontrollable, Girls too want to expose their body.
To be frank, it made me to laugh, ok I agree for a sec but my dear brothers who thinks the same can you answer me “What body a 3 year girl have so she is being raped??” “What body a 2 year old girl have so she is being raped??”


The girl who don’t even know the difference between a girl & a boy and you want to say she was exposing her body?? She was raped because she was wearing modern dress?? Is it so??
In a survey it was found that in our Independent India girls/women between 2 month to 95 year has been raped….

Still nothing is changed, government is doing nothing! CASTRATE government.

I was very angry the time when SP main leader Mulayam Singh Yadav said: “Bacche hai, ho jati hai Galtia aksar javani mai” it means the boys are kids so that they can do anything. I want to ask him “Sir wo toh bacche hai mana par jinke sath ye ho raha hai wo kisi ki bacchiya nahi hai.” Sir think about their parents, think about them. Sir bacho ki galti se kisi ki zindigi barbad ho gai aur ap kehte hai bache hai. NOT me, entire INDIA IS SAD.

Not only this , when it was asked from our honourable chief minister Akhilesh Yadav ji about rape he said “Are you safe?? Is so be happy and do our publicity”
Sir what the hell! It means the family or girl who is being raped only have right to ask about happenings? Others should wait for their chances ?? sir what to say I don’t want to spoil my word …

One more important thing I want to write about, I have seen so many pages in facebook uploading a girls photo and asking “Kaisi lag rahi hu mai?” I don’t know who is doing all that but to all just answer how you will feel when one day you will somehow find your own sis pic having a caption “Am I looking sexy?” think yaar … please stop doing all this …

Recently I asked 10 different people of different age group including both boys and girls “What punishment should be given to rapist for doing rapes.?????” Almost every answer was same… they are as follows
2. Bad character certificate
3. Life time imprisonment
4. Hang till death
5. Handover to public
6. A girl said “KALAPANI”
7. There should be a court for immediate action against them.

I don’t want to make this to big so
My request to all boys, girls and Parents: yaar think about them for once, change your mentality, change your views. That girl is also someone’s sister, mother or may be a friend. Think about your mother and sister. Girls be SAFE! Know your rights. Raise your voice . please don’t be just silent. Parents create awareness, talk about this issue at home. Most important, teach your SON to Respect women. Change is important also Change is necessary. I promise if everyone tries to change then surely we can make a BIG Change and INDEPENDENT INDIA.


Jab wo gujarti hai galio se,
Ghurti hai unko Lalach se Hazaro aakhe,
Kuch na sochta koi unke bare mai bilkul,
Sisak uthti hai unki uspal Saase………

Pujhte hai sab inhi ko Lakshmi, durga, kali ke roop mai,
Par dekho iss dunia ka dastoor kitna hai ajeeb,
Ajj bhi sadak pe chalne wali ladki ko,
Sab samjhte istemal ki ek Chiz…..

Hota hai har roz kisi na kisi masoom ka shikar
Ho raha yaha sareaam dhero balatkar
Kyu chup hai sab, kya kar rahe apne ghar hone ka intezar,
Ya kar rahe wo apno ko khone ka intezar…

Sarkar se ummid na rakho ab koi
Khud hi kuch kadam badhao
Utho yaaro ab sab neend se,
Iss bare mai khulkal jagrukhta Failao….

Do Ladkio ko unki asli pechan,

Do unko pura maan aur samman,
Us watq hoga hamra desh puri tarah azad,
Aur tabhi hoga “MERA BHARAT MAHAN”


If u agree with me please create awareness and do share this ….

Prashant Pandey
Sathyabama University chennai
© Copyright Protected
My Copyright number(MCN): CKXZR-P69TX-3RKC8
All Rights Reserved

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Hello i am Prashant , presently working in a Event Management Domain. I started writing when i was in class 8th and have received many Awards and prizes for my poetry. For me writing is expressing my Feelings through my words. and appreciation from others makes me inspires more to write.

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Prashant Kumar
Hello i am Prashant , presently working in a Event Management Domain. I started writing when i was in class 8th and have received many Awards and prizes for my poetry. For me writing is expressing my Feelings through my words. and appreciation from others makes me inspires more to write.

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