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Lost Strings Of Love! [English Poem]

Never say I Love You,if u really don’t care.
Never talk about feelings,if they really aren’t there.
never look into my eyes, if all you do is lie.

lostLove_tnThe gossips all night,
the stories of fright,
the BE THERE FOREVER plight,
To celebration and glee,
i shared everything with a plea.

These special moments are the moments
that we will remember ,for the rest of our lives.
I don,t know if this is true to you,
but for me ,sometimes it gets so bad to realize.

Those lovely perfect moments ,a split second in time.
when the universe stood still,and our hearts entwine.
A moment so beautiful,no picture can explain it.
“A masterpiece” many artists will admit.

The moment so pure,only you and I shared.
Oh yes, It was our destiny to have met,fallen in love and cared.
But alas!  that moment has gone and past.
But in my head ,forever it will last.

When I close my eyes you are all that I see ,
nothing under the stars is more precious to me.
What did I do to deserve your favor,
the very thought of you makes me change my behavior.
The feelings that I have for you I can,t contain,
you have found a place inside my heart to remain.

May you have enough happiness to make you sweet,
enough sorrow to keep you human and
enough hope to make you happy.
When you will do these things alone
will you recall our fun times
and all the joys we,ve known?

But now, I want you to grow stronger
than I could ever be.
And when you will find success
there will be no soul more prouder than me.
But I won,t stand in physical with you

One day you will have to walk alone.
I won,t be there to share your crown.
As I would vanish from your life and would be gone.
From now,
I really mean goodbye,
and I really mean forever.
I won,t say I will try ,
I won,t say forever
Cuz forever makes me cry.
I will make those moments vivid.
I will make them matter.
I will make them count.

Cuz, In you I found emotion I never knew could exist
In you I found a feeling that I cannot resist.
In you I found a place that feels like heaven above.
In you I found one word,In you I,ve found LOVE.

Rashmi Chaudhary
All Rights Reserved
Copyright Protected

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