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Inspiration Redefine

Inspiration, Motivation, Passion, …
etc. when we hear this things we usually start thinking big , like a light bulb pop in our head and inside the bulb every know scientist and bi-linear is present and with every flash they show their faces in the bulb so that the person asking for the inspiration may get it that, he and he only going to join them in that bulb soon.

It’s a matter of fact that we never inspire our self with that bulb as we know many many many reasons that we are not going in, actually many time the bulb didn’t show his glow and when it tries to do that we intentionally fuse it “pop”.

Let’s understand this with the following chat between two mates one with Ideas that is α and one without ideas that is β, and both does not belongs to “IIN” so it’s just general brain ideas β to α

β: you know one day we all will pass and I will go home, sleep well and do nothing because I’m noting and nobody gives a S*** about it. I’m doomed
Well both α and β are Indian because like most us we never plan what is next but still we believe our fate and move on after all “Bhagavan hai na (God will take care of it), that’s the 1st thing 2nd β will never ask for inspiration but how can α denied its latest Indian tradition “ Free advice” so here we go

α to β
α : all you need is inspiration , know (the bulb is popped) Bill gates ran out of his college without completing his degree and still he open his company, and there are many how came from no were , Albert Einstein, newton this all started from scratch yet they become great man, “ To make big add small together” Nobody born big they all were small, what make them big is they think out of the box, they think big.
β : hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ( at most confusion but yet inspired)
α : So don’t give up , lest make it up ok

x end x

Well if reach to the point where I’m trying to take you is “α” is right in many ways, all scientist and bilinear they are amazing people they are inspiration but many time this icons lest us down, our brain cheat us so that he can lay lazy and sleep, he will tell you this story’s that you don’t have what they have , he will bluff you and say “ don’t be stupid and think what others will say” he might say “ don’t be dumb he’s a big shot and you are big shit” , but don’t listen to this ,
when your brain say you this, step out of home and try to look into a person running a street shop or a handicap.

 If you can find someone how is mentally changed, look into their eyes you will find there problem but yet they never give up , every day is fight for them a survival for them, their life is slap in there face yet they take it joy fully, they overlook all the odds and smile to say “ Rote hue aay the , kam se kam haste hue ruksat ho” ( we came crying let us die happily ) that’s all from me and that’s all I wanted you can make a change, just overlook the odds and see the bright side, see the window of happiness as its always open.

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8 thoughts on “Inspiration Redefine

  1. Really very nice and inspirational post by Himanshu. Everyone needs inspiration but a will as well which can lead this inspiration to something amazing. You told us very clearly this little and most important thing. Hope we will get more to listen from you.
    Keep inspiring
    Best wishes

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