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A Vow

Waking up in the morning,
To the silence of the raindrops
Gazing at your face;
I was lost in time.
The true divine that resided in you ,
Drew me towards you.
Your blue mystic eyes always made me keen.
As if it had enrolled some mystery within.
As the sun rose;
I tried to cover you from its heat
But time foresighted something else
which meant to happen
So leaving behind the foreshadow,
You have to forget me!
Forgive me for this,
For I have made my heart deaf,
Just not to hear your cries.
May you lead your destiny to its desired destination.
Yet still gazing from above
I’ll embrace your thoughts in my words and in the rain, the songs.
But leaving for now,
I take a vow for the crystal eyes to see you again,
over the clouds where silence Dawns.

Snehasish Karmakar
All Rights Reserved
Copyright Protected

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  • A Vow - November 30, 2016

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