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 IPKPWORDS! is a small initiative to make your Reading Experience Awesome!
It also aims to bring various  Readers and Writers Together!

Words are the best way to express your feelings to anyone! Some Love to read Poems, articles while some of us Love to express their feelings to Rest world!!
IPKPWORDS  is a Platform where Writers can contribute their words in any form , like POEMS, ARTICLES , SHORT STORIES etc in Any Language   to show to the rest world!  Readers will be getting a awesome reading experience for Sure!


At IPKPWORDS we have

For Readers!

1) Original Content
2) Beautifully Presented Words
3) Poems on new Topics
4) Words from real Experience
5) Contents from different Authors !

For Writers!

1) Your Words to Global Audience
2) Reviews and Feedback on your work!
3) Copyright Protected (Your Contents are only yours)
4) Support by different Writers!

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Hello i am Prashant , presently working in a Event Management Domain. I started writing when i was in class 8th and have received many Awards and prizes for my poetry. For me writing is expressing my Feelings through my words. and appreciation from others makes me inspires more to write.

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3 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. She had it enough, can’t take it anymore
    No one could understand what she was going through ..
    Every night alone in the dark room,
    just her pillow and rays of the moon
    She was surviving somehow, knowing the pain
    People started calling her a “stain”
    No choice had left with her, it was just the pills
    She was trying hard, now going to KILL
    The beauty of her heart dies there,
    At last when she finally pulled the trigger

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